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Here's the scoop...


The article says, "A Knight's Tale star Heath Ledger has his own tale to tell after an evening of clubbing in LA. But would it be a story he'd want to share with girlfriend, Heather Graham, 31? While she was in New York filming the Guru of Sex. Heath, 22, was caught working up a sweat with two brunette babes and an Aussie mate at Hollywoods supercool, Las Palmas Latin Supper Club."

I'm sorry but to me that is just cruel that he can't go out and have fun with some friends with out havin to leave because of some idiot paparatzis.


A Monster's Ball Article

I was told that Heath is going to have a pinup in the August issue of Seventeen

Heath is going to be in the movie, "Monster's Ball" as Sonny

Heath and Heather No Longer a Couple!!
She was ten years older! Like that is gonna work?

Heath Maybe Starring in a remake of Moby!

If you haven't done so already, pick up a copy of the June 2001 issue of GQ magazine. Heath Ledger is on the cover, and it also includes an article on him.

June 3

"Genre: Drama.

Studio: Lions Gate.

Production Company: Unknown.

Project Phase: Greenlighted.

Who's In It: Billy Bob Thornton (Hank); Halle Berry (Leticia); Heath Ledger (Sonny); Sean Combs; Mos Def; Peter Boyle. Who's Making It: Marc Forster (Director); Milo Addica, Will Rokos (Screenwriters); Lee Daniel (Producer).

Premise: Two racist white men who work at a prison find their lives connecting with the black widow of a man who was executed at their place of work.

Release Date: 2002.

Comments: None.

Rumors: Unknown.

Scoop Feedback: June 1, 2001... This project had a kickoff date of May 24th and is being shot in Louisiana. Thornton and Ledger are playing father and son. Berry will be playing the widow. Boyle will be playing the father of Thornton's character. Budget is said to be less than \\$10 million.

DeNiro was in talks at one point to play the Thornton role, while Wes Bentley was in as the Ledger role, but dropped out. Sean Penn and Vondie Curtis-Hall were also set to be involved at one point. This one's been slouching around for a while, apparently."

Crew: Unknown

Locations: Unknown

Shooting Began: Unknown

Release Date: Unknown

Plot: A 1700s British couple try to escape the Australian penal colony they've been sent to."

Heath is a hottie!!


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