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Hots For Heath
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"I love the vibrant cities and the enthusiasm Americans have.....for America. I like to hang out in Manhatten where it's an easy walk to great theatre, cinema, or a Starbuck's Coffee House. I could easily make this my base," - Heath Ledger 2000.

"I don't celebrate love and friendship by giving stuff to people. That's why I don't believe in marraige. I don't believe you should have to prove your love by giving someone a gold ring with a diamond on it.,"-Heath Ledger, 2001.

"I'm still a six-year-old kid and I always will be." Heath Ledger 2001

"I said 'I'm going to do this. I'm going to leave and become an actor.' Just like that. My parents were very understanding. They let me follow my dreams because I think they knew that even if they said no, I was the kind of kid who was going to do it anyway. Maybe it was a quest for me. I wanted to see the world, to experience new things. I felt, in a way, like life was passing me by." Heath Ledger

"I was ok with it(My Parents being divorced), because it made me realize that my parents were human." Heath Ledger

"Acting is really about self-exploration. There's a part of you in every character, and if you're lucky, you talk away knowing yourself a little better. I'm a big believer in breaking things down, getting to the core. When you do that, it puts everything into perspective." Heath Ledger

"Maybe I'm not too typical, or maybe I'm just a daft. I dont know- i tend to analyze things a lot. I think too much."Heath Ledger

"It's weird, you know? You dont wake up every morning and think 'Okay, I'm hot.' That doesnt concern me." Heath Ledger

"I didnt want to do more teen flicks because its so easy to get trapped there. I think Australians have this independent streak. I want to always have the control to say no when i dont think something is right for me. I want to be able to walk away." Heath Ledger

"What appealed to me is not so much that WIlliam changes his stars, but what he learns in doing so. He goes for gold- the nobility and fame- but he learns that real nobility is finding your head and your heart." Heath Ledger

What the Costars Say

Heath is incredibly generous and has a huge heart. He's a real people person and fits into any situation or any group of people." -Rose Byrne, Two hands

"He does his stuff really well, he's got a real good screen presence and a lot of talent. He's more mature than I was at that age. He seems more worldly, seems to know his way around." Mel Gibson, Patriot

"He's so funny. You'd expect him to be more serious, but he isn't at all. He's hilarious. And it was cool to kiss him. He's so cute." Lisa Brenner, Patriot

"Heath's sexy, but it's not an I'm-better-than-you kind of sexy. He's so much fun to be around because he doesn't try to play it cool." Julia Stiles, 10 Things....

"Heath Ledger is frighteningly young and frighteningly intelligent. He's a very hard worker, very devoted [and] not a bit spoiled or pretentious" Mark Addy, A Knight's Tale

"He's walking around with a $40 million plus film on his shoulders like he's been doing it all his life. I just have to laugh at those posters, though. They make him look so butch." Paul Bettany, A knight's Tale

"He's awesome! He's really, really charming, sexy, and just himself and natural, and he made it very easy for me to work with him." Shannon Sossamon, A Knight's Tale